The DHST Helpline

The Dentists Health Support Trust (previously called The Sick Dentists Scheme & Dentists Health Support Programme) helps addicted and alcoholic Dentists get into recovery. It is financed by the profession & is run by the Trustees of the Dental Health Support Trust. 

The help-line is open 24/7 - 020 7224 4671

Calls and emails are treated with strict confidentiality and can be made anonymously (like those to the Sick Doctors Trust). They are answered by a Dentist in recovery or a Clinical Psychologist specialising in addiction.

Financial assistance with treatment centre expenses may be available where appropriate from the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund.  The Trust also has a network of recovering dentists available across the country, who can offer support.

Help and advice, particularly with GDC problems, is also available from the British Doctors and Dentists Groups which meet regularly and nationwide.