Other Support We Provide

In addition to the helpline, we are active in several other areas.

Attending GMC hearings can be very stressful, and on occasions (with the GMC’s permission, & not in a professional capacity), SDT members have accompanied doctors to their hearings as moral support.

We are also able to put helpline callers in touch with other doctors who have experience of GMC hearings.  Many have found this additional insight into the mechanisms of the GMC very helpful.

We provide information and advice about chemical dependency by phone or as lectures when invited, to foster awareness of the problem of addiction within the medical profession. Members regularly give talks and run seminars at several Medical Schools, Royal Colleges, and other professional gatherings.

We are happy to talk to colleagues or members of the family of a doctor who is experiencing problems and suggest appropriate help.

Doctors not working due to suspension or their medical condition may run into financial hardship.  Several agencies offer help in such situations, some of which we have listed here ...